Garage Door Spring Repair

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Avoid a Serious Accident

Get garage door spring repair services in Williamsburg, VA

If your garage door sticks while you're trying to open or close it, faulty springs might be to blame. Fortunately, Garage Doors by Grant offers garage door spring repair services in the Williamsburg, VA area. We can take a look at your springs and repair or replace them as needed. That way, you won't have to worry about your heavy door slamming shut and hurting someone.

We can replace your torsion and extension springs to help make your garage a safer place. Call 757-634-6866 now to get your free estimate and schedule garage door spring repair services.

Check out the benefits of replacing your worn-out garage door springs

Garage Doors by Grant does garage door spring repair work in Williamsburg, VA and surrounding areas. Repairing or replacing your springs can:

  • Keep your garage door from falling unexpectedly
  • Save you the hassle of opening and closing your door manually
  • Extend the lives of other, fully-functioning springs
Don't put off a much-needed fix. Contact us today to arrange for speedy, reliable garage door spring repair services.